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Edgoose ElizabethDuncanEdgoose 616 094.jpg
Edgoose ElizabethDuncanEdgoose 616 094.jpg
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696  315.jpg
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696 315.jpg
The house at 214 5th Avenue S.W., Aberdeen, Brown County, South Dakota, USA, which Elizabeth Edgoose (1852-1944) had bult in 1885. 
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696  316.jpg
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696 316.jpg
Elizabeth Edgoose (1852-1944)

Photograph taken by G. V. Yates, Davy's Buildings, Fargate, Sheffield, after 1883. 
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696  317.jpg
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696 317.jpg
The card inside a manicure case which has the name Miss Edgoose stamped in gold on the leather. It is dated 11 May 1889. 
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696  318.jpg
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696 318.jpg
The two youngest sisters, Elizabeth Edgoose (1852-1944) and Harriet Edgoose (1858-1916) In Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA, probably in 1890.

Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696  319.jpg
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696 319.jpg
"Elizabeth EDGOOSE has had constructed a greenhouse near the corner of Third street and Fifth avenue, and expects to be able ere long to supply the local and tributary trade. Such an establishment has been wanted for some time and beyond question will be duly appreciated by all who love plants and flowers. Miss EDGOOSE has secured experienced help and will shortly have everything in first class running order."
(Aberdeen Daily News, 13 November 1889)
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696  320.jpg
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696 320.jpg
Outside the greenhouse, probably in 1890. From the left:
NK; NK; James Westmoreland; Hannah Edgoose (1841-1892; John Robert Edgoose (1871-1918); Elizabeth Edgoose (1852-1954); Joel Edgoose (1873-1947); Harriet Cocker nee Edgoose (1858-1916); Lizzie Wrench nee Edgoose (1863-1942); Annie Edgoose nee Rennison (1856-1946) holding Harry Edgoose (1890-1966); J. H. Kirke Wrench, Miriam Edgoose (1887-1961); Henry Edgoose (1857-1914); Joseph Robert Edgoose (1877-1960). 
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696  321.jpg
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696 321.jpg
The Aberdeen Greenhouse Company label, Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA.
It indicates that Mrs. Elizabeth Strohmeier owned a Home Bakery in Main Street between 1897 and 1901. She seems to have sold out to sisters Harriet and Mildred Appleford. 
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696 314.jpg
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696 314.jpg
Elizabeth Edgoose (1852-1944) at Manistee, Michigan, USA, in 1883.

Photograph by L.W. Thornton, Manistee 
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696 323.jpg
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696 323.jpg
Elizabeth Edgoose (1852-1944), by now Mrs. Elizabeth Strohmeier, had a feather shop buit at 809-210 Washington, Aberdeen, South Dakota, in about 1900. It was the only shop of its kind west of Chicago at that time. They renovated feather pillows etc. as well as making new ones, cushions, comforters, and feather mattresses 
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696 519.jpg
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696 519.jpg
Edgoose FrankArthurEdgoose 489 191.jpg
Edgoose FrankArthurEdgoose 489 191.jpg
Edgoose FrankWilliamEdgoose 544 035.jpg
Edgoose FrankWilliamEdgoose 544 035.jpg
Frank William Dawson Edgoose (1882-1951) and his wife Emma towards the end of their lives. 
Edgoose FrankWilliamEdgoose 544 036.jpg
Edgoose FrankWilliamEdgoose 544 036.jpg
Frank William Dawson Edgoose (1882-1951) and his wife Emma in their garden at the rear of the house in Bordesley Green, Birmingham, on 10 July 1932. 
Edgoose FredEdgoose 709 117.jpg
Edgoose FredEdgoose 709 117.jpg
Edgoose GeorgeAlbertEdgoose 313 144.jpg
Edgoose GeorgeAlbertEdgoose 313 144.jpg
Edgoose GladysMargaretEdgoose 551   109.jpg
Edgoose GladysMargaretEdgoose 551 109.jpg
Edgoose GladysMargaretEdgoose 551   110.jpg
Edgoose GladysMargaretEdgoose 551 110.jpg
At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.
Edgoose GrahamThomasEdgoose 575 809.jpg
Edgoose GrahamThomasEdgoose 575 809.jpg
Graham Thomas Edgoose (1920-2001) in naval uniform early in the Second World War. Later, he was commissioned from the ranks. From the collection of Susan Edgoose of March, Cambridgeshire. 

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