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Bill of Exchange to Elizabeth Edgoose
Bill of Exchange to Elizabeth Edgoose
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696  034.jpg
Edgoose ElizabethEdgoose 696 034.jpg
Minneapolis 16 April 1892. Bill of exchange for Elizabeth Edgoose (1852-1944) in the sum of 969.70 Dollars. 
Edgoose FrankWilliamEdgoose 544    394.jpg
Edgoose FrankWilliamEdgoose 544 394.jpg
Frank William Edgoose's receipt for his daughter Doris Malisande Edgoose's schooling. 
Edgoose MichaelJamesEdgoose 494  384.jpg
Edgoose MichaelJamesEdgoose 494 384.jpg
They even sent me an invitation to my own wedding. With hindsight, I rather wish they hadn't. 
Edgoose, StanleyRobertEdgoose 574 097.jpg
Edgoose, StanleyRobertEdgoose 574 097.jpg
A Greetings Telegram from Sir Isidore and Lady Kate Salmon on the day of Stanley Robert Edgoose's marriage to Dorothy Baker. Rose Pratt was a Lady's Maid to Lady Kate Salmon, wife of Sir Isidore Salmon (1876-1941), Chairman and Managing Director of Lyons & Co. Ltd.. The address in 1939 was Basement, 51 Mount Street, City of Westminster
(1939 Register).
Her niece Dorothy Baker (1912-1966) married Stanley Robert Edgoose (1915-2003) on 1 September 1938, hence the Greetings Telegram from Sir Isidore and Lady Salmon.
Holmes JamesHeadgooseHolmes 5912     067.jpg
Holmes JamesHeadgooseHolmes 5912 067.jpg
James Headgoose Holmes (1861-1934)

Although the headstone refers simply to James Holmes, this extract from Hanwell Cemetery's burial register is significant: James Headgoose Holmes. That is the name which appeared on his death certificate. Whoever organised the funeral was determined to record the full name which hadn't appeared in any document since his youngest son's birth certificate in 1892.