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Edgoose AugustaEdgoose 386 225.jpg
Edgoose AugustaEdgoose 386 225.jpg
The reverse side of the postcard of Upton Helions, the house where Augusta Edgoose (1847-1927) lived.
"Dear Cousin Herbert Am just sending Upton Helions my little home across the water. I trust you are well Accept by best wishes for the New year With best love Your affectionate Cousin Augusta Edgoose
Edgoose ElizabethLizzieWrench 694  136.jpg
Edgoose ElizabethLizzieWrench 694 136.jpg
Edgoose HalbertEdgoose 571  357.jpg
Edgoose HalbertEdgoose 571 357.jpg
Halbert Edgoose (1891-1976)
The reverse of the postcard showing the post office in Sutton St. James, Lincolnshire:
"Dear M&d
How are you? Better I hope? What do you think to us on the other side? It was taken all in a hurry. Have sent G. Ma. one. We are capital Best love M&H"
The card was addressed to his mother and her husband at The Mill, Walton Highway, West Walton [Norfolk]. 
Edgoose HerbertHarry 463  003.jpg
Edgoose HerbertHarry 463 003.jpg
Edgoose JuliaMayEdgoose 369 163.jpg
Edgoose JuliaMayEdgoose 369 163.jpg
A postcard franked 14 September 1908 addressed to Miss J. Edgoose, The Stores, Edward Street, Aldershot.
"Dear J I have come to see you we shall be home on Friday we shall be pleased to see you for a holiday if you may come will you let us know your loving Aunt [illegible] 
Edgoose StantonCharlesEdgoose 541 115.jpg
Edgoose StantonCharlesEdgoose 541 115.jpg
Stanton Charles Edgoose (1880-1917) was gassed in the trenches in the First World War.
This was his last letter to Angelina who bore him a daughter. 
Edgoose WilliamFrederickEdgoose 351 212.jpg
Edgoose WilliamFrederickEdgoose 351 212.jpg
Leeder JuliaHannahLeeder 367  251.jpg
Leeder JuliaHannahLeeder 367 251.jpg
A postcard from Walter Leeder Edgoose to his mother Mrs J. H. Edgoose, Beechcroft, York Road, Aldershot.
"Dear Mother Just to let you know we are allright and hope you are the same. The children are very good bring them back on Monday Love Walter"
Franked Eastbourne Sussex 23 April 1938. Whose children? 
Leeder JuliaHannahLeeder 367  253.jpg
Leeder JuliaHannahLeeder 367 253.jpg
Postcard franked 16 August 1904 Wisbech addressed to Mrs. Edgoose, "The Stores", Edward Street, Alderrshot, Hants.
"Thanks for the card I will write a long letter soon. Am now off to Wisbech How are you getting on all right. Much Love, Julia" 
Leeder JuliaHannahLeeder 367 255.jpg
Leeder JuliaHannahLeeder 367 255.jpg
Postcard franked with a 1d George Vth stamp and dated 31 May. Addressed to Mrs Edgoose, 343 Walmer Rd Toronto Canada
"Dearest, Just to let you know that we all (underlined twice) are well and all right. I am writing letter directly after this may be in time for Mail Hope you are well getting on all right. Kindest Love