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(mentioned in sister's will 1742) 
HAMERS, Joseph (I2701)

(mentioned in uncle's will 1811)

(of Holbeach, aged 16) 
STANTON, Samuel James (I2678)

(mentioned in uncle's will 1811) 
STANTON, John Thomas (I2676)

(no issue) 
TAYLOR, Elizabeth (I2575)

(Passlow information provided by Anne Lyon 
PASSLOW, Sarah (I6753)

(watchmaker of Billingborough in 1797) 
TINGLE, Robert (I1764)

(widow, maiden name unknown) 
FIELDS, Sophia (I1964)

1891 census return for Legbourne Grange, Lincolnshire:
Robert W. RIGGALL, Head, Married, aged 42, Farmer, Employer, born at
Warne, Yorkshire;
Mary Louisa RIGGALL, Wife, Married, aged 40, born at Louth, Lincolnshire;
Robert W. RIGGALL, Son, aged10, Scholar, born at Tothill, Lincolnshire;
Emily Charlotte RIGGALL, Daughter, aged 13, Scholar, born at Bodney, Norfolk;
William CARRITT, Father-in-law, Widower, 68, Retired Chemist, born at North Coates, Lincolnshire;
Mary LINDLEY, Visitor, Single, aged 23, Governess Domestic, born at Donaster, Yorkshire;
Harriett A. ATKINSON, Servant, Single, aged 20, Cook Domestic, born at Sutterton, Lincolnshire;
Angelina MURGATROYD, Servant, Single, aged 15, Housemaid Domestic, born at Legbourne, Lincolnshire.
MASON, Charlotte Cuthbert (I3333)

According to Nick GRIBBLE she was born circa 1875 
BASSON, Francina Magdalena (I9108)

According to Pedigree Resource File he was born circa 1856.

ENSOR, Thomas Hayden (I8892)

According to Rosie RIGGALL Letitia BELLAMY was the sister of Lucy Eliza Wilson BELLAMY. 
BELLAMY, Letitia Rayner (I5814)

According to the SSDI Genevieve R. OLDFIELD died at Downer's Grove,
DuPage County, Illinois, USA, on 12 March 2002. She was born on 21 October 1915.

According to Find-A-Grave, the maiden name of Gordon OLDFIELD's wife Genevieve was ROBERTS. 
ROBERTS, Genevieve (I9148)

Andrew, John, and Ann Elisabeth (Lisa) SMEBY arrived in Wisconsin,
USA, in 1866. In July 1870 their parents and Martin joined them.

Martin SMEBY and Ann Elisabeth SMEBY stayed in Coon Valley, Wisconsin. John Michelson SMEBY may have gone to Minnesota. Andrew and Jensina SMEBY moved to South Dakota. 
SMEBY, Mickel Johannsen (I7315)

At the time of the 1901 census he was boarding at 75 The Marsh,
Grimsby, Lincolnshire, with his sister Clara Florence Tuck and her husband:
*George Hy TUCK, head, aged 29, general labourer, born at Grimsby;
Clara F. TUCK, wife, aged 28, born at Spalding, Lincolnshire;
Edward H. TUCK, son, aged 8, born at Grimsby, Lincolnshire;
Florence J. TUCK, daughter, aged 5, born at Grimsby, Lincolnshire;
Minnie O. TUCK, daughter, aged 3, born at Grimsby;
Adam WESTMORELAND, boarder, aged 22, single, seaman seas, born at Grimsby (sic).
TUCK, George Henry (I8070)

Augusta ENSOR married Dr. Justus O'HAGE 
ENSOR, Augusta Jane (I8888)

Baptism on IGI

Burial on LFHS Index 
ULLET, Mellicent (I4197)

Baptism on IGI

Burial on NBI 
WESTMORELAND, George (I4066)

Baptism on IGI 
MILES, Anne (I904)

Baptism on IGI 
MILES, Caroline (I906)

Baptism on IGI 
MILES, Martha (I907)

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