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The marriage between Goddard KINGERLEY and Elizabeth BALLARD was registered in 1897.
(GRO December Q 1897 Nottingham 7b 697)

The 1901 census of 35 Stanley Street, Long Eaton, Derbyshire:
Goddard KINGERLEY, head, aged 31, railway engine driver, born at Parson Drove,
Elizabeth KINGERLEY, wife, aged 31, born at Long Eaton, Derbyshire;
*Winifred KINGERLEY, daughter, aged 1, born at Long Eaton, Derbyshire;
Florrie BALLARD, sister-in-law, single, aged 15, threader lace trade, born at Radford, Nottinghamshire.
KINGERLEY, Winifred (I8374)

The birth of Winifred Louisa MILLETT was registered in 1898.
(GRO March Q 1898 Pancras 1b 39)

The death of Winifred Louisa MILLETT aged 0 was registered in 1898.
(GRO December Q 1898 Pancras 1b 4)

A birth certificate would be required to prove her parentage. The 1911 census provided the clue to her former existence.

(revised 08.09.2012)
MILLETT, Winifred Louisa (I9427)
7263 WINIFRED MARY HORRY 1891-1923

The birth of Winifred Mary HORRY was registered in 1891.
(GRO March 1891 Holbeach 7a 407)

The 1891 census return for High Street, Holbeach, Lincolnshire (RG12/2569/107/6) includes:
Henry J. HORRY, head, aged 34, miller and baker, born Holbeach in Lincolnshire;
Agnes HORRY, wife, aged 33, born at Whaplode in Lincolnshire;
Glenalvia HORRY, daughter, aged 5, born at Holbeach;
Eliza SHAW, servant, aged 18, born Whaplode;
A.... SEWELL, servant, aged 19, baker's assistant, born at Pinchbeck in Lincolnshire;
Arthur SEWELL, servant, aged 17, baker's assistant, born at Pinchbeck;
Henry W. DREW, servant, aged 21, baker's assistant, born at Rudham in Norfolk;
*Winifred M. HORRY, daughter, aged 3 months, born at Holbeach.

The 1901 census of High Street, Holbeach, Lincolnshire:
Henry Jas HORRY, head, aged 44, baker bread, born at Holbeach;
Agnes HORRY, wife, aged 43, born at Whaplode, Lincolnshire;
Glenolvia HORRY, daughter, aged 15, born at Holbeach;
*Winifred M. HORRY, daughter, aged 10, born at Holbeach;
George GREENWOOD, servant, aged 21, baker's assistant, born at Worksop, Nottinghamshire;
John B. DAWSON, servant, aged 16, baker's assistant, born at Sutton St. James, Lincolnshire;
Louisa FARVAGNE, servant, aged 20, general domestic servant, born at Wyberton, Lincolnshire.

From the 1911 census of Holbeach, Lincolnshire:
Henry James HORRY, head, aged 54, married less than one year, baker and corn merchant, employer at home, born at Holbeach, Lincolnshire;
Elizabeth Mary Marshall HORRY, wife, aged 52, married, no children, born at Holbeach, Lincolnshire;
*Winifred Mary HORRY, daughter, aged 20, single, shop assistant, worker, born at Holbeach, Lincolnshire.

The marriage between Winifred M. HORRY and Herbert J. NORMAN was registered in 1918.
(GRO December Q 1918 Holbeach 7a 915)

Their son Victor NORMAN was born in 1921.
(GRO September Q 1921 Holbeach 7a 753)

The death of Winifred M. NORMAN aged 32 was registered in 1923.
(GRO March Q 1923 Holbeach 7a 461)

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HORRY, Winifred Mary (I1277)

Winifred Maud Julia EDGOOSE was born at Beechcroft, York Road, Aldershot, Hampshire, on 26 July 1906, daughter of Walter and Naomi EDGOOSE.
(GRO September Q 1906 [MILES] Farnham 02A 151)
Walter Leeder EDGOOSE had married Naomi MILES at Aldershot on 14 July 1897.

The 1911 census of Albion Works, Church Lane, Aldershot, Hampshire:
Walter Leeder EDGOOSE, head, aged 39, builder and joinery manufacturer, born at Walsoken, Norfolk;
Naomi Edgoose, wife, married 13 years, aged 37, born at Aldershot;
Edith Naomi EDGOOSE, daughter, aged 12, at school, born at Aldershot;
Burt Walter EDGOOSE, son, aged 9, born at Aldershot;
Frank Arthur EDGOOSE, son, aged 6, born at Aldershot;
*Winifred Maud Julia EDGOOSE, daughter, aged 4, born at Aldershot;
Raymond Thomas James EDGOOSE, son, aged 2, born at Aldershot.

She married Richard Leslie HOSKING at Aldershot Presbyterian Church, on 7 February 1929. Richard HOSKING was a 31 year bachelor, a farmer, of Sherwood's Farm, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, and son of Richard HOSKING, farmer. Winifred EDGOOSE was described as a 22 year old spinster of Dungannon, Highfield Avenue, Aldershot, and daughter of Walter Leeder EDGOOSE, a timber merchant. Witnesses were W. L. EDGOOSE, Maud HOSKING, and Edith N. EDGOOSE.
(GRO March Q 1929 Farnham 2a 303)

The 1939 Register of Dungannon, Highfield Avenue, Aldershot, M.B., Hampshire:
Walter L. EDGOOSE, born 2 September 1871, married, director of Ltd. Coy. timber merchants
Naomi EDGOOSE, born 28 July 1873, married, unpaid domestic duties
Edith N. EDGOOSE, born 4 December 1898, single, secretary & director of Limited Coy, civil nursing reserve Aldershot, Farnboro detachment, Hampshire
*Winifred M. J. HOSKING, born 26 July 1906, married, unpaid domestic duties
(RG101/2314E/008/9 EDAL)

She died on 9 April 1994 aged 87 and was cremated.
(GRO April 1994 Surrey North-western 26b 7582B 8)

(revised 15.04.2016) 
EDGOOSE, Winifred Maude Julia (I490)

The birth of Winnie Rose BARNIKEL was registered in 1880.
(GRO December Q 1880 MOFFAT] Fulham 01A 263)

From the 1891 census of 2a Adeney Road, Fulham, London:
William J. BARNIKEL, head, married, aged 41, carpenter and joiner, born at Pembroke Town;
Catherine BARNIKEL, wife, married, aged 38 born in Scotland;
William H. BARNIKEL, son, single, aged 20, joiner's apprentice, born at Briton Ferry;
Agnes J. BARNIKEL, daughter, single, aged 18, born at Briton Ferry;
Vincent H BARNIKEL, son, aged 12, born at Landor, Swansea;
*Winnifred R. BARNIKEL, daughter, aged 10, born in London;
Ethel G. BARNIKEL, daughter, aged 8, born in London;
Albert Edgar BARNIKEL, son, aged 6, born in London;
Sidney I. BARNIKEL, son, aged 5, born in London;
Catherine G. BARNIKEL, daughter, aged 7 weeks (?), born in London.
BARNIKEL, Winnie Rose (I7566)

The birth of Winifred Violet A. CAPPER was registered in 1910.
(GRO June Q 1910 Portsmouth 2b 397)

The 1911 census of 45 School Lane, Buckland, Portsmouth:
Thomas John CAPPER, head, aged 64, widower, retired coppersmith pensioner, 8 children, 5 living, 3 dead, born at Portsmouth, Hampshire;
George CAPPER, son, aged 24, married, armourer crw R.N., Royal Navy, born at Portsmouth, Hampshire;
Mabel Annie CAPPER, daughter-in-law, aged 19, married 2 years, 2 children, 2 living, born at Portsmouth, Hampshire;
Mabel Elizabeth CAPPER, granddaughter, aged 2, born at Portsmouth, Hampshire;
*Winifred W. CAPPER, granddaughter, aged 1, born at Portsmouth, Hampshire.

The marriage between Winifred Violet A. CAPPER and Hugh BEST was registered in 1931.
(GRO December Q 1931 Farnham 2a 421)

(revised 03.12.2010) 
CAPPER, Winifred Violet A. (I7814)

Winniford (sic) BUCHAN, daughter of John T. BUCHAN and Marian [sic] EDGOOSE, was born at Superior, Wisconsin on 16 December 1906. John T. BUCHAN was born in Ontario and Marian EDGOOSE was born in England.
( Beta)
(Wisconsin Births & Christenings 1826-1908)
This is probably a mistranscription for Winifred BUCHAN, John F. BUCHAN and Miriam EDGOOSE.

She was probably dead by 1910. See 1910 census. Only two of her mother's three children were living.

Note the discrepancy in birth dates between her and her sister Margaret Isabella.

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BUCHAN, Winniford (sic) (I8316)
7268 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. EDGOOSE, W.J. (I2235)

The birth of Wreford T. BROWN was registered in 1913.
(GRO September Q 1913 [ROEKELLY] Yeovil 5c 663)

The death of Wreford Thomas BROWN was registered in 1995.
(GRO September Q 1995 Reading & Wokingham 3201D/D37A/067/0795)

(revised 07.10.2015) 
BROWN, Wreford Thomas (I1274)

Pete WRENCH provided much of the information on the eminent surgeon Dr. E. M. WRENCH whose son John Henry Kirke WRENCH (1867-1960) married Lizzie EDGOOSE (1863-1942) at Aberdeen, South Dakota, on 25 December 1889. 
WRENCH (I2006)

On 22 February 1776 Wright STANTON was apprenticed to Robt BUTLER of Wisbech St. Peters in the sum of £10 from 16 January 1776 for seven years as a cordwainer. (Cambridgeshire Apprentices Bonds)

According to L. A. BULLWINKLE he lived at West Walton, Norfolk.

Wright STANTON of West Walton, bachelor, and Martha BELL of West Walton, spinster, were married at West Walton, Norfolk, on 21 March 1785. Witnesses were Abraham LOEHAIR, James FISHER, and Ann BATTY.

Joseph BIRKINSHOW and Wright STANTON witnessed the marriage at West Walton on 8 August 1786 between John SMITH of West Walton, widower, and Susannah SEWER of West Walton, spinster.

Anne, daughter of Wright and Martha STANTON, was baptised at West Walton, Norfolk, on 3 September 1786.

Jane Wright, daughter of Wright and Martha STANTON, was baptised at West Walton, Norfolk, on 3 February 1788.

Martha STANTON, wife of Wright STANTON, was buried at West Walton, Norfolk, on 26 August 1788.

He was a widower when he married Susannah GREGORY at Fleet, Lincolnshire, on
16 May 1791.
The marriage also appears in the register of West Walton, Norfolk.
(Lincolnshire Marriage Index 1700-1812 Volume 1)

Wright STANTON, son of Wright and Susanna STANTON, was baptised at West Walton on 24 December 1793. "Poor no duty paid".
Wright STANTON, a poor infant, was buried at West Walton the same day.

He was mentioned in the will of his father John STANTON in 1810.

When and where was he buried?

(revised 11.01.2012) 
STANTON, Wright (I1037)
7272 WRIGHT STANTON 17??-1793

Wright STANTON, a poor infant, was buried at West Walton, Norfolk, on 24 December 1793.
He was probably a child of Wright STANTON who married Susanna GREGORY at West Walton on 16 May 1791. Wright STANTON's wife Martha née BELL was buried at West Walton on 26 August 1788.

(revised 11.01.2012) 
STANTON, Wright (I9081)

Jean BIRD provided information about the ancestry of Elizabeth Duncan YALLOP.

Frank YALLOP provided information about the descendants of James YALLOP (Circa 1805-1864) of Hillington, Norfolk.

Elizabeth Duncan YALLOP (1864-1959) married Harold EDGOOSE (1876-1950) at West Walton, Norfolk, on 11 October 1900. 
YALLOP (I2007)
7274 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HODGE, Y.L. (I1606)
7275 ZILPAH RUTH HUGGINS 1898-1981

The birth of Zilpha [sic] HUGGINS was registered in 1899.
(GRO March Q 1899 Holbeach 7a 397)

From the 1901 census of London Road, Long Sutton, Lincolnshire:
John T. HUGGINS, head, aged 36, baker, employer at home, born at Nettleham, Lincolnshire;
Rachel J. HUGGINS, wife, aged 40, born at Finsbury, London;
Ethel M. HUGGINS, daughter, aged 10, born at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire;
Henry J. HUGGINS, son, aged 9, born at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire;
Dora I. HUGGINS, daughter, aged 7, born at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire;
*Zilpah R. HUGGINS, daughter, aged 2, born at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire;
James GILBERT, servant, aged 22, single, journeyman, baker, born at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire.
Walter WILSON, servant, aged 14, apprentice baker, born at Terrington, Norfolk;
Harriett BARRS, servant, aged 16, domestic servant, born at Terrington, Norfolk.

The marriage between Zilpah [sic] HUGGINS and William E. DAWSON was registered in 1928.
(GRO March Q 1928 Holbeach 7a 557)

The death of Zilpah [sic] Ruth DAWSON was registered in 1981.
(GRO September Q 1981 King's Lynn 10 1222).

(revised 26.09.2012) 
HUGGINS, Zilpah Ruth (I3674)
7276 ZOFIA WEST née PLOSKA 1924-1975

Zofia PLOSKA was born in Poland on 12 December 1924.
(See registration of her death in 1975)

Zofia met her future husband Ernest Gordon WEST at Agricultural College in Monmouthshire in 1946 and they married in London in 1948. Zofia was a Polish refugee who had come over to England with her family after the war to escape from the communist regime.

The marriage between an Ernest C. WEST and Zofia PLOSKA was registered in 1948.
(GRO December Q 1948 Ealing 5e 476)
(This a mistranscription for Ernest G. WEST)

The birth of an Anthony WEST, mother's maiden name PLOSKA, was registered in 1950.
(GRO December Q 1950 [PLOSKA] Carlisle 1a 81)

Zophia WEST was killed in a car accident in 1975 at the age of 50. According to the registration of her death she was born on 12 December 1924.
(Email from Halina WEST 26.02.2015)
(GRO September Q 1975 Aylesbury 19 0175)

(revised 11.04.2015) 
PLOSKA, Zofia (I10416)
7277 ZYGMUNT B. NATKANSKI 1925 or 1925-1985

The marriage between Zygmunt B. NATKANSKI and Mrs. Angeline Ochocke EDGOOSE took place at Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA, on 16 July 1957.
(Marriage License)

According to the SSDI Zygmunt NATKANSKI was born on 2 September 1924 and died in October 1985. The Cook County Death Index 1908-1988 has 9 October 1985.

(revised 06.09.2012) 
NATKANSKI, Zygmunt B. (I9426)
7278 «b»born at Mount Pleasant, Ballarat East, Victoria, Australia«/b» GARRETT, Grace (I2733)

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