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EDGOOSE, Ronald William

Male 1911 - 1981  (70 years)

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  • Name EDGOOSE, Ronald William 
    Born 13 Sep 1911  Walton Highway, Norfolk Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Reference Number 353 
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    Died 13 Oct 1981  Peterborough, Northamptonshire Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID I353  Edgoose
    Last Modified 28 Sep 2017 

    Father EDGOOSE, William Frederick,   b. 18 Feb 1873, Lincoln, Lincolnshire Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 12 Nov 1954, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 81 years) 
    Mother HUGGINS, Ada Mary,   b. 15 Mar 1873, Nettleham, Lincolnshire Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 14 Apr 1955, Walton Highway, Norfolk Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 82 years) 
    Married 8 Nov 1905  Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID F245  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family MCLOUGHLIN, Kathleen,   b. 10 Nov 1905,   d. 1994, Peterborough Registration District, Northamptonshire Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 88 years) 
    Married 1947  King's Lynn, Norfolk Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Last Modified 15 Apr 2017 
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  • Notes 

      Ronald William EDGOOSE was born at Lynton ("next door to the Robin Hood"), Walton Highway, Norfolk, on 13 (18?) September 1911, son of William Frederick and Ada Mary EDGOOSE.
      (GRO September Q 1911 Wisbech [HUGGINS] 03B 947)
      William Frederick EDGOOSE had married Ada Mary HUGGINS at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, on 8 November 1905.

      According to Halbert EDGOOSE he used to work at Wisbech Post Office with Stanley Robert EDGOOSE before the 1939-1945 War.
      (Letter 10.8.1968)

      From the 1939 Register of Walton Highway, Marshland R.D., Norfolk:
      William F. EDGOOSE, born 18 February 1873, married, farmer & coal merchant & land worker
      Ada M. EDGOOSE, born 15 March 1874, married, unpaid domestic duties
      *Ronald W. EDGOOSE, born 13 September 1911, single, assisting father as coal merchant
      (RG101/6566F/012/26 TRQN)

      He married 31 year old spinster Kathleen McLOUGHLIN from Walton Highway at St. Mary's Catholic Church, South Lynn, King's Lynn, Norfolk by licence on 25 July 1947. Kathleen McLoughlin was the daughter of John McLoughlin deceased, formerly a mason's labourer. Witnesses were W. F. EDGOOSE, K. F. HUGGINS. A. M. EDGOOSE [Ada Mary].
      (GRO September Q 1947 Wisbech 3b 947)

      They had no children.

      She left him on 31 March 1971. In an undated letter to Michael EDGOOSE he wrote of how he and his wife had 350 rows in 23 years, blaming her insistence on having her own way in everything. He was glad to be rid of what he called "a thoroughly evil woman":
      "I am very sorry I haven't answered your letter before. I have been working much overtime at work, and also my wife who deserted me on 31st March, '71 was responsible for a summons for deserting her, and I have had weeks and weeks of work collating information and seeing my solicitors and the hearing had to be postponed from Sept.24th to Oct.29th. Between those two dates the Court decreed that I should pay 4 a week maintenance. On Oct.29th my wife told many lies on oath in the witness box, I had one weak point, and as I had had to pay maintenance before even I appeared which to all intents and purposes meant I was prejudged, my lawyer not being able to make any progress at all through my wife's lies we decided to abandon the case as the Court was obviously against us. I am now having to pay 6 a week maintenance. In 5 years I can get a divorce and escape any further injustice. All my married life consisted of was misery. There were 350 rows in 23 years because all she understood was that she must have her own way in everything. I am thankful that I'm rid of a thoroughly evil woman and that after 5 years I can remarry.
      Now I've explained my long silence I'll tell you the one fact only I know. The date of my birth was 13/9/11 and I was born at Walton Highway (3 miles from Wisbech) at 'Lynton', next house to the Robin Hood going from Wisbech to King's Lynn.
      Yes, I will look in and see you if I am down your way. My hours of work are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. one week, and the next week 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.
      With best wishes now,
      Yours sincerely,
      Ronald W. EDGOOSE"

      According to a letter he wrote from 8 Sandringham Road, Walton, Peterborough, on 16 June 1968 he sold the houses and land at Walton Highway he had inherited from his parents and moved to Peterborough in 1962, working first at a toy factory and then from 1965 at Peterborough's paper mill. He retired on 12 August 1971.

      He was a television fanatic and had a telescopic aerial tower installed in his garden. This was apparently widely reported both on television and in the local and national newspapers in 1968.
      "Tower with a view
      Aerial riggers moved into the back garden of a Peterborough house yesterday to erect a 70ft. high tower which Mr. Ron EDGOOSE hopes will bring him at least 10 channels on his 26in television set.
      Mr. EDGOOSE, a papermill worker, has spent his summer holiday digging and cementing the foundation for the galvanised steel tower after getting planning permission. The aerial has cost him 150 which he says is money well spent".

      He wrote to Michael EDGOOSE on 27 August 1968:
      "I was pleased to see your letter and receive the photographs which I had been very pleased to let you have. I shall very likely look you up during my holidays next year. At present I am working about 75 hours a week against a usual 66 hours and often it is a 7 day week. Usually I work 6 a.m. to 12.0 on Saturdays, but temporarily and for the past three months I have been working nights every other week, and finishing about 4 p.m. on Saturday with usually 7-12 on Sunday. Last week my gross pay came to 29/9/-.
      As regards my teletower which you have read about, I enclose two cuttings from the Peterborough Standard who first interviewed me and made my plan so widely known that I have been on BBC and Anglia about June 16th (information), on BBC on August 13th, picture and information, when the teletower had been erected on Monday August 12th, on BBC VHF home service at 7.15 and 8.15 and on Radio 4 in "Today" at 7.10 and 8.10.
      I should have been covered by Anglia and London ITV (your local station and one of my favourite long distance stations - about 85 miles from here) about August 13th but for the black-out. You will find a telegram I received from your London ITV and a leaflet giving details of the tower. Please return the enclosures at your leisure, there is no hurry. I expect you will have read about the tower in either the Express or News of the World (articles about June 16th) or in the Mail, Mirror, Sketch or Sun about 2nd August. Peterborough's papers other than the Standard - the Evening Telegraph and the Advertiser - have covered the tower and my TV reception four times between June 14th and August 13th. A press agency in Peterborough caused interest in other national papers when a reporter of theirs first reported my activities in the Mirror on 2 August.
      The teletower is up because but because of my t.v. friend who does my aerial work has been busy on suitable days or prevented by the weather the aerials haven't been put on the tower yet. Because of information friends I have made in different parts of the country have given me I am changing my aerials so that I can receive more British programmes. At present I have a rotator which moves a channel 10 aerial or a channel 6 in any direction and a BBC 1 aerial and a BBC 2 aerial which are fixed to the pole on a chimney and cannot move. By pointing the channel 10 aerial south I get London ITV and Southern. London ITV comes in every (sic), Southern once a fortnight when it comes in for about a week. Sometimes Southern ITV in the Isle of Wight comes in three times as loud as Anglia at Nendlesham, Norwich although it is 120 miles away and Nendlesham only 70.
      With all best wishes now,

      The letter he wrote to Michael EDGOOSE in December 1977 makes extraordinary reading, but then he was always said to have been a little odd:
      "I have a lot of news for you this Christmas. I have now retired - from August 12th 1977 and since then I have been contacting a very good friend of mine who is an excellent radio and television engineer who has helped me a lot since he wrote to me 7 years ago when I got so much publicity in the local and national press for my TV reception. After some delay in July because one of my aerials was only obtainable from the USA more is being done by my friend after he cancelled out this aerial because the customs charges would have been excessive if I'd had this aerial and he is making one himself to replace one he made himself earlier but which had rusted up and which proved while it wasn't rusty that it was an excellent aerial and he is providing me with another aerial which is new and exactly like it, and a duplicate of another excellent aerial which had to be reduced in size because one side of it had to be scrapped because one side couldn't miss my garage when I winched the tower down to the ground for maintenance. He is also supplying me soon now with 2 more aerials and I shall then have 4 excellent aerials. Since 7 years ago I bought a rotator which caused me years of delay because it had a serious defect in it which made it impossible to get it to turn the aerials and I had an overloading problem because of having very excellent cable which had one serious drawback that it was too heavy and created the overloading problem. Now when I sent the rotator to my friend he has scrapped it because it has too great a defect in it for it to be worth repairing and when he comes he is bringing a more powerful rotator which he recommends. I have taken down all the too thick cable which created overloading and replaced it with new thin cable, so I am now waiting for my friend to come as soon as possible with all we need when everything will go up as planned. I have only got 3 aerials on the mast until the 4 new aerials come. The VHF masthead will be taken down when the two new amplifiers come - one UHF and one UHF (sic).
      When my friend and I have finished putting all the new things on the mast I expect on VHF to get daily 17 to 23 stations (7x I got 9 VHF stations 7 years ago) which will be situated in the British Isles and Ireland, On UHF I shall get all I get at present louder and extra stations besides because I shall have a new Masthead UHF amplifier working which will be extra to the 1 set amplifier I am using at present. With everything done outside I have my EKCO Continental set which at present needs some repairs doing to it - some new valves I think and perhaps a little else to be done and then it will go I think. I have no VHF aerial to test out reception on the VHF side of the set but one night I got Reception well on both VHF and UHF by using some aerial other than VHF and reception was very good. There is an intermittent fault on UHF but with good VHF and UHF aerials and new valves I think my friend will soon have the set. When the set goes a lot of continentals will come including Swedish stations. My friend received an Indian Satellite some time ago - this station was broadcasting 200.000 miles away above Africa in Outer Space and he received it loud and clear. My set other than the Ekco set is a Super Set, very selective and I have received stations like Grampian TV and Scottish TY (sic), Channel Islands, Westward TV, and other long distance stations which no other set I've had. It is not a rented set, I gave 50 for it. To receive Outer Space you need to have your set modified to some extent because some satellites broadcast at too low a frequency for you to receive them. I shall see what my friend says about doing some Modification to my best set for the time when Outer SPACE begins to be inhabited. Reception becomes world wide through satellites.
      Best wishes to all. Ron

      He was still living at 8 Sandringham Road, Walton, Peterborough, when he died intestate on 13 October 1981 at the age of 70.
      (GRO December Q 1981 Surrey Mid E. 17 36)
      Letters of Administration of his estate were granted to Mrs. Kathleen EDGOOSE of 728 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, on 28 January 1983. The gross value of his estate did not exceed 25,000.

      His wife was said to be 31 years old on 25 July 1947.
      (Marriage Certificate)

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