The Edgoose and Related Families'
 Genealogical Project

Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CROSBY, Angelina  10 Jul 1869Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I542
2 CROSBY, George Pinch  1839Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I4825
3 CROSBY, Nora  1876Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I4827
4 CROSBY, Roseate  Between 1865 and 1866Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I7378
5 GRIFFIN, Rosetta  1865Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I7279
6 HUDSON, Ellen Townshend  1873Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I2050
7 HUDSON, George Smith  1871Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I2049
8 HUGGINS, Albert Arthur  1884Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I3668
9 HUGGINS, Dora Irene  9 Jun 1893Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I3673
10 HUGGINS, Ethel Maude  14 Oct 1890Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I3671
11 HUGGINS, Frank  1880Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I3677
12 HUGGINS, Henry James  21 Nov 1891Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I3672
13 HUGGINS, Kate Florence  1884Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I3669
14 HUGGINS, Zilpah Ruth  29 Oct 1898Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I3674
15 PETT, George  1845Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I5831
16 ROSS, Sarah Hannah  1868Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I5844
17 TAYLOR, George  1846Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I2382
18 TAYLOR, Lucy Mary  1873Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I306
19 TAYLOR, Martha Ellen  1879Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I2383


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 EDGOOSE, Elizabeth  21 Dec 1911Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I301
2 HUGGINS, Frank  1880Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I3677
3 HUGGINS, John  1888Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I355


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GRIFFIN, Rosetta  16 Aug 1885Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I7279
2 HUGGINS, Frank  28 Apr 1880Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I3677
3 HUGGINS, John  21 Mar 1888Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire I355


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 EDGOOSE / HUGGINS  8 Nov 1905Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire F245
2 MITCHELL / CROSBY  8 Apr 1901Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire F1317
3 ROSE / TAYLOR  1875Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire F2388
4 SHORTLAND / GRIFFIN  20 May 1884Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire F2763
5 SYKES / CROSBY  24 Oct 1887Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire F389
6 WHITLOCK / TAYLOR  8 Apr 1901Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire F1313