The Edgoose and Related Families'
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Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Elizabeth  1688Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I86
2 BESTER, Ann Elizabeth  1858Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I4977
3 EDGOOSE, Alice  23 Nov 1887Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I708
4 EDGOOSE, Elizabeth  8 Jan 1894Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I710
5 EDGOOSE, Frederick  17 May 1891Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I709
6 EDGOOSE, Harriet Annie  16 May 1896Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I711
7 EDGOOSE, Harry  24 May 1898Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I712
8 EDGOOSE, Henry  9 Oct 1857Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I667
9 EDGOOSE, Sarah Ann  10 Sep 1885Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I707
10 HOLMES, James Headgoose  19 Mar 1861Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I5912
11 INKLEY, Thomas Barnes  8 Jun 1847Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I10305
12 MEDCALF, Sarah  1822Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I1996
13 WATTS, Thomas  Between 1868 and 1869Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I8488
14 WESTMORELAND, Abel  1866Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I4064
15 WESTMORELAND, Frederick  1864Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I1422
16 WESTMORELAND, George  1846Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I4065
17 WESTMORELAND, John Metcalfe  1841Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I669
18 WESTMORELAND, Mary Ann Wantey  2 Feb 1848Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I4063
19 WESTMORELAND, William  1843Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I5826
20 WOODS, Sarah Ann  14 Aug 1861Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I671


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Elizabeth  9 Jan 1687/88Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I86
2 EDGOOSE, Elizabeth  11 Feb 1894Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I710
3 EDGOOSE, Frederick  7 Jun 1891Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I709
4 EDGOOSE, Sarah Ann  28 Feb 1886Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I707
5 HARRAD, Elizabeth Ann  15 Jan 1871Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I8494
6 HOLMES, Ann  31 Mar 1850Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I5929
7 HOLMES, Elizabeth Ann  13 Sep 1857Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I5924
8 HOLMES, James Headgoose  2 Jun 1861Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I5912
9 HOLMES, Mary Ann  14 May 1845Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I5928
10 HOLMES, Robert  30 May 1852Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I9720
11 HOLMES, Sarah Ann  29 Jan 1843Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I5927
12 HOLMES, Susanna  26 Dec 1847Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I5925
13 INKLEY, Thomas Barnes  26 Oct 1847Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I10305
14 INKLEY, William Barnes  5 Nov 1844Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I10302
15 MEDCALF, Sarah  20 Jul 1822Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I1996
16 WESTMORELAND, John Metcalfe  31 May 1841Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I669


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURTON, Frederick  10 Oct 1970Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I788
2 CUTLER, Thomas  1876Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I9722
3 EDGOOSE, Harry  4 Apr 1900Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I712
4 EDGOOSE, John (Etgose)  1567Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I121
5 EDGOOSE, Sarah Ann  14 Jan 1953Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I707
6 EDGOOSE, Sarah Lawson  27 Mar 1874Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I664
7 HARRAD, Robert  1882Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I8491
8 HOLMES, Ann  1854Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I5929
9 PLOWRIGHT, William  1842Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I10149
10 WESTMORELAND, William  1870Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I5826


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 EDGOOSE, Harry  8 Apr 1900Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I712
2 EDGOOSE, John (Etgose)  28 Jan 1567Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I121
3 EDGOOSE, Sarah Lawson  29 Mar 1874Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I664
4 EDGOOSE, Walter Henry  1959Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I732
5 HOLMES, Ann  18 Oct 1854Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I5929
6 HOLMES, Robert  31 Oct 1854Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I9720
7 MEDCALF, Sarah  11 Mar 1849Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I1996
8 PLOWRIGHT, Charles  15 May 1838Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I10220
9 PLOWRIGHT, Emily  3 Jul 1848Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I10219
10 PLOWRIGHT, Thomas  11 Apr 1844Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I10218
11 WESTMORELAND, Abel  20 Apr 1871Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I4064
12 WESTMORELAND, George  7 Oct 1846Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire I4065


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CARTWRIGHT / EDGOOSE  24 Mar 1925Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire F550
2 CUTLER / HOLMES  21 Aug 1864Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire F2420
3 EDGOOSE / FAIRWEATHER  18 Jun 1913Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire F548
4 EDGOOSE / LAMBLEY  17 Jan 1912Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire F546
5 HARRAD / HOLMES  15 May 1860Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire F2419
6 HOLMES / WARREN  19 May 1874Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire F2416
7 LENTON / EDGOOSE  28 Mar 1907Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire F494
8 RAYNOR / WESTMORELAND  14 Apr 1920Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire F2275
9 WATTS / EDGOOSE  8 Jun 1905Kirton in Holland, Lincolnshire F547