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Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DIDWELL, Julia  1876Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I6385
2 GIDDENS, Alice Munson  12 Jan 1834Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I5234
3 GIDDENS, Annie  1880Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I7544
4 GIDDENS, George  9 Mar 1849Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I5239
5 GIDDENS, George  1878Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I5244
6 GIDDENS, John  1847Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I3147
7 GIDDENS, Mary  1841Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I5237
8 GIDDENS, Richard  7 Mar 1839Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I5236
9 GIDDENS, Samuel  Between 1797 and 1798Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I1660
10 GIDDENS, Samuel  12 Feb 1837Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I350
11 GIDDENS, Samuel  1879Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I5246
12 GIDDENS, Sarah Ann  14 May 1845Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I3145
13 GIDDENS, Susanna  1843Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I5238
14 GIDDENS, William  1835Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I5235
15 GIDDENS, William  1881Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I5247
16 MOULES, Susannah  5 Jan 1853Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I2178
17 MUNSON, Susanna  Between 1811 and 1812Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I5233
18 PASSLOW, Charles  1858Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I6748
19 PASSLOW, Charlotte  1851Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I4738
20 PASSLOW, Elizabeth  1855Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I6758

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 GIDDENS, Alice Munson  14 Jan 1834Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I5234
2 GIDDENS, George  6 Mar 1851Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I5239
3 GIDDENS, John  15 Mar 1847Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I3147
4 GIDDENS, Mary  14 Mar 1841Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I5237
5 GIDDENS, Richard  19 Mar 1839Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I5236
6 GIDDENS, Samuel  28 Feb 1837Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I350
7 GIDDENS, Sarah Ann  3 Jul 1845Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I3145
8 PASSLOW, Mary Ann  8 Mar 1846Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I6754


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GIDDENS, Samuel  26 Jun 1866Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk I1660


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COOK / BATTERHAM  10 Jul 1907Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk F1323
2 EDWARDS / LEWIN  12 Oct 1859Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk F1271
3 GIDDENS / MUNSON  31 May 1832Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk F244
4 MORRIS / EDGOOSE  6 Jan 1883Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk F236
5 RILETT / BATTERHAM  10 Jun 1910Walpole St. Peter, Norfolk F2639